This page is a little too late for me to start. But here we go, I am fortunate enough to be able to travel to most places I wanted. I ended up living in one for over seven years now!

I grew up in a little city in Indonesia, I refuse to call it a town because it is a city, just really small. Like the indication of how small the city I came from is, there is NO WAY you can find Starbucks or McDonalds in every corner. Actually not even a single one. Maybe it was because I never left the house, or maybe because I was just so content, licking sugar out of my fingers. Not the most hygienic but surely the most fun!

The point of the story is, growing up, the idea of traveling for my family -which I blame my parents for, is to do city hopping, from my hometown in Bandar Lampung to Jakarta the capital city of Indonesia. And we did that EVERY summer break. Like what was it in Jakarta that drew our interest that much? It’s the FREE lodging! GRATIS! We have some cousins there that we can overstay our welcome, the welcome we never received. I mean we never got the invites. But if you grew up in Asia, you know, that is how family works in the East. 

Oh I need to stop rambling! The first time I went abroad is when I was 22, the trip funded by my own tears, blood and sweat. And it was delightful, just to have different currency fascinated me. And I never stop visiting new places since then. And the food, oh the food! That is mostly what I am really excited about.

If you got to this point reading this, well done you! Anyway, I will update this page as soon as I go for my next travel. In the mean time, I try to gather as many photos from my flip-phones to my latest iOS and show off some of my favorite places I’ve set my foot in.



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