I have about less than 6 months in my visa to be able to stay legally in the United States, so just like someone who is diagnosed with some serious medical conditions, I went ahead and made a list of things I wish to do, places I wish to be, food I wish to eat. My friend Jayde is visiting from Australia, she used to live here in New York but hey I am the last woman standing! Anyway, I was able to manipulate her to be my chauffeur, I don’t have a license, also I don’t know how to drive. So we did and going to do lots of road tripping this 2020.

Dead Horse National Park

Jayde read a book, or more like listened to an audiobook about Smoky Mountains, it made her always wanted to go there, I just wanted to go to as many States I could in the US. So we decided to go to Tennessee where the country music was born, but who trust my taste in musics?! I went there only for a BBQ tour! Oh and a lot of catfish!

I work as personal assistant in New York so I’m an expert at organizing a trip while sleeping, although the idea of glamping was from Jayde. She spent half an hour trying to look for the impossible, only to fail the mission. We wanted to stay in a nice yurt, tent, pod, cabin or dome that is near or in the Smoky Mountains, but also has an access to the world wide web, affordable, and in bear friendly neighborhood. It seems quite impossible.

Whenever the word ‘impossible’ comes, it always brings me back to my college memories where I was a part of political club that has a slogan “difficult maybe, impossible no way!” So I just don’t believe in the impossible, apart from me waking up early to do exercise or doing exercise at all, that is just another premonition of doomsday.

Edley's BBQ, Nashville

I checked on Airbnb site and found so many options for cabins with jacuzzis in their backyard, when you see an empty jacuzzi, there is nothing attractive about it, so that is a NO. I also saw there were a lot of glamping sites that you could do moon bathing, but the prices were as far up as where the moon was. Then I found this dome in someone’s lawn near Smoky Mountains. These domes are so beautiful and have everything I needed and more, also they are so affordable and you still get the experience of glamping! All the glamour without packing up a tent and lifting a finger. 

The dome is easy to find, with the assistance of google map, also the direction given by Sam was also crystal clear. There were two domes in the property and the host’s house and a barn. We were in dome #2, which is identical to dome #1. Each dome has a portable air conditioner and a portable heater. The internet connection was spotty but enough for me as the pretend blogger, if I were a real blogger, maybe I’d need better connection, but again, I was on holiday. I’m just so impressed by how thoughtful the setup and everything was. There was an electric blanket, in case the heater wasn’t enough. They also provided us with bath ropes, the bathroom (with heated water)  and toilet were outside, so having the bath ropes were helpful, otherwise I’d pack my suitcase just to have a shower. The icing on the cake was, they welcomed us with some Hersey chocolate and marshmallow to make s’mores by the fire. Yes, there was a fire pit that always on every day at twilight.

We are so thankful for Sam and Justin who were our host and set a high bar for our glamping experience! You should go check it out, even just to get out of the hustle and bustle from the loud city.


*All pictures of the dome are courtesy of Sam and Justin. 


  1. Oh wow that looks so fun. I love the smoky mountains. My family and I would go to Tennessee a lot when I was growing up. Sadly I haven’t been there in a while. I love the glamping idea, might have to see if hubby likes the idea as well lol.

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