Flying Business Class (Qatar Airways)

After waiting for about 35 years of my life I finally able to set foot and ass to a business class flight, Qatar Airways no less. They called Q suites cause its slightly better than regular business class but I was in no way to know the differences.

This experiment not only expensive one but impulsive too, but being spontaneous is nothing new for me. Especially when it comes to being a consumerism. I remember once buying those new year fun glasses shaped 2015, with some sort of Christmas lights that lit up on so many different settings. Can you use it again yearly? No. But I want a prop, I had $10 and the glasses were $10, I have proof at the very end of this story. 

Fast forward doing a check in at JFK, I went to the carpeted counter for business class check in, only to get instructed to go to counter 9. I asked why and the person behind the desk said “that is for the economy class check in”. I wasn’t offended or anything but I told him, I have a business class ticket then he apologized profusely. I asked jokingly “don’t I look like a business woman?” He just kept apologizing, did not confirm or deny.

It’s okay to look economy, more approachable. My luggages filled with crap I’ve collected from the last 8 years of living in the big apple. So obviously all of them were overweight, I was just hoping they didn’t weigh my body too cause I would’ve paid for too many overweight fees. I always wonder why business class passengers got 3 bags to check in for free while most business class people travel for business so normally they just need a computer bag and a cabin luggage, but I enjoyed another free checked bag and a waiting lounge that separated from all the other peasants. Just kidding…. No, I’m not.

The suites were amazing of course so much space, in a way bigger than my room in NY, I had the whole compartment above me to store all my belongings. They provided me with Brics toiletries bag and took the liberty to pick the size S for my pajamas -they didn’t know underneath this hoodie wasn’t an S. Also yes I got a set of pajamas from The White Company, I felt the need to drop all these brand names cause the flight attendants also pointed out all the brands while explaining to me how things work in business class.


Because of the pandemic all the meals were served on a tray, usually they served them directly like you were in a Michelin’s restaurant but that didn’t bothered me. She said I could order anything from the menu at any time. I thought this is it, to get every penny spent on this flight worth, I would order all of them and so I did. Bad news, the braised beef short ribs wasn’t available. I obviously couldn’t accept what I heard. I asked why, like we hadn’t even board yet, and there were only 14 of us in the class. It was a genuine question, but the head of attendant came over to apologize and explained, something about not being wasteful so they limit the amount of food on board. They suggested that I should’ve preorder my meal online while booking. I didn’t know I should, I was never refused a meal of choice even in economy. So lesson kinda learned. Mask should be worn at all times except while eating, I didn’t know what the mask procedure like while sleeping but I wore it throughout.

Overall the food presentation were beautiful, tasted great for plane food, would’ve been amazing with the beef ribs. If you drink alcohol this is where you strike a greater deal or become alcoholic. For me, I had two mains before bed and two breakfast and two light dinner I ate before transiting in Doha. Mind you, my first leg was a 12 hour flight and I had 6 meals in between snacking (popcorn, nuts and hot chocolate). My flights both were at night so I couldn’t take pics of all the food I chew down but here are most of them after realizing I could use the reading lights as my lighting system.

The bathroom was spacious with granite look alike counter top and a window in the bathroom, what purpose did it serve? No idea. All the amenities were from Rituals and unlimited toothbrush and shaving kit.

The seat reclined flat to a bed and they prepared the bed with cover and a proper sized pillow. I slept wonderfully and able to stretch. Entertainment was great, extensive selections of movies and shows, although they were a bit old and I had watched all the ones I like. So I listened to the music with the noise cancelling headphones while I was writing down ideas of what to eat next.

The transit time had me worried, an hour and a half so I dragged all belongings and sprinted from gate to gate at Hamad International Airport, thanks Dini for the cabin suitcase! They also offered the business lounge but I had no time.

The business class on their Boeing planes was a bit different, wasn’t a suite for sure but as pleasant. I got my food of choice here (read: everything on the menu) and had a long nap on their flat bed. Traveling on business class sure made the flight time feels shorter. I wouldn’t mind going to CGK and then go back to JFK. All the flight attendants also performed an impeccable service, they most likely earn more income than me and every time I asked for anything, I started with, “if you don’t mind”. I just felt like Jack Dawson in Titanic being invited to the first class dinner by that rich guy. How am I supposed to know which cutlery to use, they gave me 3 knives, 2 spoons and 2 forks when I ordered sliders.

All in all, I highly recommend both the Q suite and business class in general, if you have the money. Don’t spend all your life savings or sell your mortgage just to be in one. And remember sometimes life is about wanting a stupid ass decorative glasses, they were $10 and you had $10. So you get them anyway and wear them with pride and joy.


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