Spain with Grace

In summer 2018, I went to Europe for the first time, I mean for the only time, cause I have never been back. I flew there alone to meet up with a dear friend from Indonesia -Grace. First time I met Grace was in 2010, when she came to my school looking for outsourcing teachers, which at the time, I was like a pimp for white people who teach English in Indonesia. 

Our second meeting was when I  presented my business proposal and ended up with her buying me lunch cause I had no manner and I accepted any food given to me, no questions asked. At the time I just thought my proposal went well, I was rewarded two bowls of bakso (meatball soup) for goodness sake. Next thing I know, I was invited to her birthday party and now she is my go to travel buddy.

I love this pic of us, although this one is in Lisbon, Portugal. Same summer, same trip.

For all the two weeks we travelled together. I had no problems nor complaints about Grace -not that I would write it here for her to read. It was very enjoyable to say the least. The only time we had different interests was when we were in Cordoba, Spain. The trip that was originally only meant to see a historic religious building Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba, turned into a photo session. It started when I wanted to see another site, Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, a half mile away from where we were. But Grace, who’s been driving since she was a teen, she didn’t really like to walk. So I manipulated her,  that I would take a photo of her in front of every door we see on the way to get to my destination.

And it worked! 

Grace with her many doors. 

Hundreds of doors later, we got to my destination, only to find out it was closed! But taking photos of Grace outside a door remained consistent throughout the rest of Spain and will be for every future trip we take together.

This post is dedicated to Grace, my koala, business partner turned travel buddy. May we be better in money and in health. And here’s to the many many doors to come. Happy 10th friendversary!

“I always get inspired by beautiful doors. They remind me that every door has an exit and an entrance. There’s a goodbye but there’ll always be a welcome. As long as we open our hearts.”

-Grace Budhi


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