Kikoo Sushi -AYCE

This place offers variety of different sushi AYCE style. I am not a big fan of sushi, but sashimi, yes! And they were about to make some loss in their financial year, cause I come here often.

I actually don’t know how much do they charge per person directly, because I’ve been getting a coupon from Groupon. And they charge $30 for lunch or dinner. In the restaurant, Kikoo still charge you with tax and service fee, which is not much, considering the amount of fish I’ve eaten.

The beverages included in the ACYE package are the choices of unlimited water (score!), unlimited tea, two glasses of sake or Japanese wine or Japanese beer per party. So if you guys like to flush down sushi with Japanese alcohol in any form, this is even a better deal for you. They have two locations in Manhattan, both in LES.

The best thing is, other than the food, they have a tablet for every table for customers to submit their orders. You can submit multiple portions, multiple orders, over and over again. You know sometimes you felt ashamed for calling the server often, they are busy and you don’t want them to know that you eat like a literal pig. Well, here you don’t have to, unless the reflective of your face from the tablet screen make you realize that maybe this is the last order?

*Due to Covid-19 this place is temporarily closed.

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