Pita Press -Lamb & Beef Plate

Believe it or not, the whole plate was about to fall when I took this pict. All of this for a single content, you know! But all jokes aside, this is one special platter don’t you think? It gives me such a balanced meal. I got enough (more than enough) protein, carbs from the pita bread and vitamins from the mixed salad.

This little restaurant called Pita Press, located just around the block from where I work. It’s a little restaurant with small area where you can eat indoor. They setup the decoration to make you feel like you are in Greece. I have been to Greece, it does not quite like anything I’ve seen in Greece, but 100 points for efforts.

The food is really good and I must say, such a generous servings. This plate right here is only $12.45 but filled me up all day. Very fair priced. If you are not too hungry they have the sandwich options, so you eat all of this in a formed of pita bread rolls.

And not to worry my vegetarians and vegans friends. They have options for plant base diet as well. They have zucchini feta fritters plate and tomato mint fritters plate and also the Greek salad of course. I believe all served with tzatziki unless you are vegan, the dip will be with fava bean dip. Or they also have this: melitzanosalata which I think similar to baba ghanoush.

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