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If you guys follow me on my instagram, you would know, how much I love this pizza. I never knew I love pizza this much. My friend, Dini told me they opened one store near my work so you would find me every lunch time over there. But that is before the corona virus era. Since the pandemic hit, the place is closed, temporarily but now permanent. My heart is broken to pieces, only if they were pizza pieces.

When I was in Indonesia, growing up, there is one place to eat pizza, and that was considered fancy. Pizza Hut! I tried all different kind, cheesy stuffed crust, cheese with pepperoni stuffed crust and from super supreme to Hawaiian. I always ended up ordering their wings instead. Not because the pizza has pineapples in it, cause I eat anything with enough meat. Not just anyone ‘enough meat’ but Yo ‘enough meat’.

Then, I discovered &pizza. They are cheap, they are customizable and they are gooood. The crust is thin, so less carbs (I’m always down for less carbs options) and the unlimited toppings -oh boy! The first spot they open is in midtown and I live uptown, but I went all the way because this promise, unlimited toppings.

I placed my order and the guy who prepared my pizza was so happy when I told him to put all meat at any kind as the toppings, all cheese as well -they have mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, parmesan and goat, but I stay away from goat, I eat their meat but not the milk. I told him not to hold back! Oh for the base sauces, they used to have garlic Alfredo, tomato, basil pesto and mushroom. Now they don’t have mushroom, or at least at my usual &pizza place, since they have quite a few on the East Coast.

I always go on a safe route to get ranch as the dressing, but one time I go a little bit out of my comfort zone to get the truffle ranch and I never gone back to regular ranch. I also signed up to their membership to collect points and redeem for a free pizza. They also sprinkled some promotions along the year, either free delivery, buy one get one, or $5/pie. I always eat at least the whole pie, although they are rectangle not round. But you know what I mean!

I am always a white sauce pizza kinda girl or anything but not the tomato red, how about you?? Comment below! And tell me what are the toppings on your favorite pizzas…

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  1. I’m team red sauce and my fave toppings are fresh mozz, pepperoni, mushroom, basil. This pizza looks so tempting!

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