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Pretend Cooking

Herring Under a Fur Coat

Back when I had more than a handful of roommates, one of them was from Russia and one day, she made this dish. She just put everything in a large container, so it didn’t look very appetizing but she insisted on getting me to try a spoonful of it. And I ended up finishing the […]

Pretend Cooking

Asparagus Bacon Wrapped

This is probably my favorite way to eat asparagus, and quite honestly, my only way. Sometimes I eat them with side of mashed potatoes, another time with roasted broccoli. Or just bundle by bundle right in my mouth. No cutlery needed. Eating the bacon this way is actually better for me, so I don’t eat […]

Pretend Cooking

Salmon Tartare

So the only reason I come up with this recipe, it was because I have the mission to get rid of a bouquet of dill, that I bought only for garnish. Again, I probably have told this story too many times, but how one suppose to finish a bouquet of dill? So anyway, it is […]