I LOVE ramen and AMEN to that!

I love love ramen noodles and not even the homemade, handmade stuff. I’m talking about the packet stuff that full of MSG and preservative. Yeah okay I know MSG is bad for you, the myth in Indonesia is, MSG kills brain cells. Well, so does what I think that ethanol in alcohol beverages kills brain cells, and people still drink it to have fun, so let me have my fun! 

Growing up, my mom cooks every day, she is a pretty good cook, but she does not like to cook too often. My breakfast is always hot chocolate, only. My mom’s speciality dessert is chopped up fruits. So that leaves her to cook at least one meal a day, that she serves for both lunch and dinner. In her defense, she cooks like a set meal, so there will be one protein, one veggies and one side dish, and she always thinks about what protein that goes well with the veggies and the side dish on that day, so she is a thoughtful cook.

The first day I turned into a teen, every Sunday, she gave me a packet of instant noodles, an egg, and one type of protein (sliced pork most of the time, but sometimes prawns). So she could take a break from cooking, and let me do whatever I wanted with the staple she just provided me with. I prefer the broth-y ramen, they also comes in dried and I remembered I would trade with my dad and sister, that I would cook their ramen, if they give me their broth. More MSG for me!

Here are some of my combinations of instant noodles Sunday I created now. Considering I have decades of experience. I used this noodles from mi sedap and this particular flavor -white curry. It tastes a lot like laksa for me. So if you have no access to get the same instant noodles I used, cause it’s all the way from Indonesia, that is fine. You only need to have any types of instant noodles, I would add some coconut cream for that creamy white texture in the soup and of course, lots of chili powder or cayenne. And if you want to be extra boujee, get some shrimp paste, just tiny bit for some added flavor and fragrance. Cook the sliced pork, beef or prawn in the same water you cook the noodles, then you would have broth of pork/beef/prawn. Add in some veggies too if you desire. Bokchoy and bean sprouts are the most common, but you can use whatever you want with this, you are the MAN of your own RAMEN.

For presentation of all kind of ramen, soft boiled eggs cut in half, or just plain raw yolk is a must, I mean, we all eat with our eyes in here, don’t we? The heat from the fresh cooked ramen will cook the yolk once stirred.

I cannot wait for any of you to tag me on my instagram for all your creativity and creations of a simple packet of instant noodles!



  1. This looks so good. I too love the instant ramen noodles. My mom used to fuss that it has way too much salt…..oh well that’s what drinking lots of water is for, lol.

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