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Pretend Cooking

Miso Butter Matcha Pasta

Well, you know by now that I eat pasta every day. Not only because I love it, also because I have been experimenting on different shapes of pasta and different kinds of the dough. I did use turmeric powder before and beets to give some colors. I also proudly fail at spinach pasta dough. So […]

Pretend Cooking

Miso Glazed Salmon

Apparently miso paste didn’t come in small batches. I also don’t really like miso soup, but I love miso dressing for salad, see my recipe here. So I tried to use all this miso paste in everything else. This time I marinate salmon with miso and it’s just amazing. I love it. And the rest […]

Pretend Cooking

Miso Salad Dressing

I used to eat salad with peanut sauce when I grew up. Look up “gado-gado” that is my favorite salad, because I love peanut. Then I discover oil and vinegar for healthier or let’s just say less calorie salad. I have a recipe for easy basic vinaigrette here. And then I discover miso paste. I […]